Invisible Paint Protection Film

Another customer making the right decision when getting a new car.
This brand new Volvo S90 came to us in really bad shape.
After a Multistep Correction, we were able to bring the paint back to proper standards and make that metallic paint pop.
The full front and rocker panels were covered with Suntek Ultra PPF, protecting it from rock chips, bugs, grime etc…
Last but not least, the entire vehicle was topped with Modesta BC04 Ceramic Coating, locking that gloss for future years to come.


Do you do the commute from Sarnia to London? The number of road warriors traveling up the highway each day continues to grow. This commute will add about 50,000kms to your odometer every year of bugs, salt, rocks, and stone chips. There’s a new type of protection for your vehicle. a Physical barrier for your vehicle to protect the thin, water-based paint from this onslaught of damage. Not only will Paint Protection Film protect the body from corrosion but it will keep the vehicle looking newer longer. We’ll wrap the edges of the paint protection film to keep the installation invisible. No one will be able to tell but you, as you wash away the bugs with ease. Following a transport truck won’t bother you any longer when you’re protected with a clear bra Paint Protection Film installation from Sarnia Detailing Pros!


Curing Modesta Nano Titanium Coating on Volvo S90 Wheels
Curing Modesta Nano Titanium Coating on Volvo S90 Wheels


Volvo S90 Car Detailing sarnia

Volvo S90 Sarnia Detailing Pros

Volvo S90 Sarnia Detailing Pros Car detailing

Volvo S90 Sarnia Detailing Pros Volvo Grille

Used Car Detailing sarnia


Paint Correction Sarnia

Paint correction to allow the metal flake in this Volvo S90’s Paint to Shine.

Ceramic Coating Sarnia

Front End Paint Protection Film



paint protection film Sarnia


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