Wheel Polishing & Coating

It’s not that roads in Sarnia are the worst in the nation but when it comes to wear and tear, wheels can take a fair amount of abuse on Ontario roadways. Starting at $100.

Professional Wheel

Polishing & Coating

Dirty wheel rims and faded black tires can and will affect the overall appearance of your car. Removing road tar, road grime and defects in your wheels is what we specialize in here at The Detailing Pros.

Clean and Protect

Wheel Rims

Professional wheel polishing increases the depth and gloss of your rims, removes some minor imperfections, and we even protect your wheels from future wear and tear.

Get Super

Black Lustrous Tires

The wheels are one of the most important cosmetic features on your vehicle.

Get A Beautiful Finish On Your Wheel Rims

When it comes to keeping a car looking sharp, we know it is all about the details. The rims on your car should not go unnoticed. Nothing proves this better than the numerous after-market options of wheels. And nothing provides a better custom look to a vehicle then the beautiful finish on your wheel rims. So, it’s no wonder customers often request professional wheel polishing along with all of our many detailing services.

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